New Qi Agreement

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Understanding the New Qi Agreement and Its SEO Implications

In recent months, you may have heard about a new agreement related to Qi (pronounced «chee»), a Chinese term that refers to life energy or vital force. This agreement, called the New Qi Agreement, has been proposed by a group of experts in Chinese medicine and wellness to promote ethical and standardized practices in the field of Qi-related products and services. While the agreement is primarily aimed at practitioners and manufacturers of Qi products, it also has implications for SEO professionals who optimize content related to Qi.

What Is the New Qi Agreement?

The New Qi Agreement is a set of guidelines and principles that aim to address the issues of transparency, quality, safety, and credibility in the Qi industry. According to the organizers of the agreement, Qi-related products and services have become increasingly popular in recent years, but the lack of regulation and standards has also led to confusion, misinformation, and fraud. Some products that claim to enhance Qi flow, balance, or healing may not have scientific evidence, accurate labeling, or ethical sourcing. Some practitioners who offer Qi treatments, such as acupuncture, may not have proper training, licensing, or informed consent procedures.

To counter these problems, the New Qi Agreement proposes to establish a set of criteria that Qi products and services must meet to be considered legitimate and trustworthy. These criteria include:

– Scientific support: Qi-related claims should be based on empirical evidence or traditional knowledge that has been validated by reputable sources.

– Safety standards: Qi-related products should be free from harmful substances, such as heavy metals, pesticides, or adulterants, and should comply with relevant regulations.

– Ethical practices: Qi-related practitioners should follow ethical codes of conduct, such as informed consent, confidentiality, and respect for cultural diversity.

– Transparency: Qi-related products and services should provide clear and accurate information about their ingredients, manufacturing processes, and efficacy claims.

The New Qi Agreement also proposes to establish a certification system that would allow qualified products and practitioners to display a seal of approval indicating their compliance with the agreement. This certification would be granted by an independent organization that would assess and monitor the products and practices according to the criteria.

What Are the SEO Implications of the New Qi Agreement?

As an SEO professional, you may wonder how the New Qi Agreement could affect your work. Here are some possible scenarios:

– Increased competition: If the New Qi Agreement leads to a higher demand for certified Qi products and services, you may face more competition in ranking for relevant keywords or phrases. You may need to optimize your content more effectively or target more specific niches to attract the right audience.

– New opportunities: On the other hand, the New Qi Agreement may also open up new opportunities for you to create valuable and credible content related to Qi. You could write about the benefits and risks of different Qi products, interview certified practitioners or researchers, or analyze the latest developments in Qi research.

– Quality standards: The New Qi Agreement may also raise the overall quality standards for Qi-related content. Search engines like Google prioritize content that meets the criteria of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T), so if you create content that aligns with the New Qi Agreement, you may improve your chances of ranking higher and attracting more traffic.


The New Qi Agreement is a new development in the field of Qi-related products and practices that aims to promote transparency, safety, and credibility. As an SEO professional, you can stay informed about this agreement and its implications for the Qi industry and adapt your strategies accordingly. By creating valuable and trustworthy content that aligns with the New Qi Agreement, you can enhance your reputation and visibility in this growing field.